The Wine Shop

The scent of passion

A place to drink and listen to music.

The La Brezza farm, located between Reggio Emilia and Parma, has been taking care of its own vineyard (two and a half hectares) for decades to produce excellent Lambrusco and Malvasia wines with passion and professionalism.

Both at the table and in our wine shop, these excellent wines can be tasted together with other wines typical of the Emilia wine and food production district: Gutturnio, Ortrugo, Pignoletto, Malvasia, Sangiovese.

La Taverna presents itself as a young and versatile venue, also ideal for enjoying traditional and gourmet sandwiches or piadinas, accompanied by good beer or wine.

It is also possible to book rooms and even the summer area for parties with music, birthdays with live music or DJ sets.