Welcome to La Brezza Agritourism

A taste of country life.

The ideal place to enjoy the simplicity and genuineness of old-time products. Our flavours travel through the years unchanged as they are linked to a farming area unaffected by the dictates of time.

Tagliavini farm was established in Nocetolo di Gattatico at the start of the twentieth century in order to breed dairy cattle for the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and produce fodder and grains.
The farm structure then changed over the years. Livestock was discontinued but grain cultivation was preserved, with the addition of sugar beet and cereals.
The farm underwent further specialization in 2011 when, after major renovation work, La Brezza Agritourism was born, together with B&B and restaurant. Our spaces are ideal for hosting various types of celebrations and events, including wedding receptions.

A garden is available for children, with inflatable toys, bouncy rides, swings and a slide.

“The various services we offer our guests,” says Chiara, “include a health walk, namely, a route of about 300 metres for walking or jogging beneath beautiful old oak trees.”

“We named it La Brezza because there is a pleasant breeze here all year round, especially in the summer.”